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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Revcontent Review for Publishers

Revcontent Review for Publishers,

Revcontent Review for Publishers

Revcontent has been in operation since 2013 and a lot has changed since then. This is an updated review of Revcontent as of January 2017

Founded in 2013 by John Lemp, Revcontent is highly regarded as the fastest growing content recommendation network in the world. The network powers more than 250 billion content recommendations each month. Considered by many as the largest and best-performing native ad network globally, Revcontent serves some of the top content marketers including Forbes, CBS, and NBC News among others.

It is a highly sought after ad network trusted by marketers and brand advertisers because of its excellent performance and high-quality service. What sets Revcontent apart from the rest is the company’s system that uses highly responsive widgets, infinite scroll, gallery implementations, and unlimited API customizations. These ad formats are quite beneficial to publishers and advertisers alike.

Network Details : 

Commission Type : CPC ,CPM
Minimum Payment : $ 50 
Payment Frequency : Net 30 
Payment Method : Paypal 
Contact : Telephone : +1–941-225-6132 , Email : contact us , Address:5901 N. Honore Ave Sarasota, FL34243 United States .
Country : US

Monday, 12 November 2018


AdBistro ,AdBistro Network Details ,


A rising name in the advertisement network industry, AdBistro is an effective solution for the publishers and advertisers. AdBistro uses various tools to make sure there is certified traffic for the advertisers. It provides full page ad monetization by customizable implementations and full service account management. AdBistro offers competitive payouts and dedicated account management team to publishers. It has customizable implementation that is easy to implement. It offers various features like user frequency capping, source level targeting, geographic targeting, device targeting, high viewability, realtime fraud detection engine and browser targeting.

AdBistro Network Details : 

Commission Type : CPV, CPC, CPM, PPC
Minimum Payment : $ 50 
Payment Frequency : Daily, Weekly, NET-30
Payment Method : Paypal , payoneer , wire transfers , check
Contact : Email : contact us 
Country : US

Adtrafico Affiliate Marketing Network

Adtrafico Affiliate Marketing Network ,E-Payments, Paxum, Paypal, Webmoney, Affiliate,

Adtrafico Affiliate Marketing Network 

Let me introduce the leading one-stop affiliate network that will make you mint: Adtrafico. We are an innovative affiliate network connecting industry-leading advertisers with the best publishers in the biz.

Mutiple verticals

We work with the biggest advertisers in Dating, Sweepstakes, Mobile Billing, Utilities, Surveys, Bizopp and many more... Only the freshest offers, many of them exclusive to us. Our unique advertiser relationships bring you exclusive deals and custom landing pages.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Your AM will be on top of stuff, sending you fresh links, updates about your payments, even tips on campaign and page optimizaiton.

Weekly Payments

We pay like clockwork: every week via wire, Paxum, PayPal, ePayments, WebMoney. No delays, no holidays. Get your money fast and scale your campaigns!

If you're looking for a solid network to send your traffic to, join our army of publishers and start killing it.

Adtrafico Affiliate Marketing Network

Network Details :

Commission Type : Affiliate 
Minimum Payment : $ 20 
Payment Frequency : Weekly 
Payment Method : Paxum, PayPal, ePayments, WebMoney
Contact : Email : contact us 
Country : / 

Sunday, 11 November 2018

unknownads Pop Under Ad Network

unknownads Pop Under Ad Network

unknownads Pop Under Ad Network

unknownads popunder ad network , We really give high CPM rates compared to other ad networks in the market. Our minimum payout is just $10 so you can give us an easy try and check how it works for your traffic.

  • High CPM Rates
  • World Wide Coverage
  • Our ad code cannot blocked by AdBlock

It is so simple, just your email and password is enough.

Place Ad Code
Simply place our ad code in your header or footer.

Earn Money
You will be paid for each and every valid click.

Network Details : 

Commission Type : CPM ,popunder 
Minimum Payment : $ 10 
Payment Frequency : Daily  
Payment Method : Paypal & Wire Transfer, Webmoney & Payoneer comming soon..
Contact :  Email : contact us
Country : / 

Friday, 9 November 2018

Charge your Payoneer MasterCard by uploading files

Charge your Payoneer MasterCard by uploading files ,

Charge your Payoneer MasterCard card by uploading files

I also promised you in the past articles about ways to recharge the MasterCard Payoneer and today's theme of shipping the MasterCard Payoneer by uploading files , a very cool site, a site that supports a lot of payment methods, including Payoneer card .. 

payment information :

Payment by Vodafone Cash and Egyptian Post to Egypt in Egyptian Pound: $ 1 = 13 Egyptian Pounds .
Payment is made to Algeria via Flexy Dz and Algerian Post price of $ 1 USD at the official bank rate.

"Neteller" : minimum payment $ 5
"Payoneer" : The minimum payment is $ 50
"Egyptian Post, Western Union, MoneyGram, Emirates Exchange, Moni Express": Minimum payment $ 50
Cash Plus Morocco: Minimum payment is $ 15
"Algeria Post": The minimum payment is $ 15
"Visa Card, American Express Card, Amazon Card": Send your email or mobile number.
Payments do not take more than 24-48 hours only!

Notes :

 Files that are not downloaded within 90 days are deleted from the day they are uploaded.
If you upgrade your membership to Premium Membership, your files will never be deleted (unless the file is reported).
You must be registered during the download to calculate the money.
Your files must comply with our Terms of Service and not infringe your rights.
Do not attempt to click links, and do not ask others to do so (it's easy to find out).
Do not delete your bulk files until you receive their earnings.
Do not share your files using software that extracts the download link without having to go through the download pages (eg Jdownloader-mipony).
The copyright infringing files are deleted without affected earnings.
No copyrighted files or adult material are allowed.

Plan A: Profit from completed uploads 100%

100% of completed uploads are earned.

Plan B: Profit from inviting someone by linking your assignment.

20% of the profits of members registered on the site are earned through you.

Plan C: Profit from the purchase of membership

Profit from inviting someone through the link of the assignment and the person purchased Premium membership and took 50% of the membership price + 25% upon renewal of membership, meaning 50% of the purchase of the membership premium + 25% of the renewal of the membership.

Site Features:

  • Upload service up to 10GB per file.
  • Stable servers with huge storage space and high speeds.
  • High quality download and viewing services.
  • Make money from your files! (Videos, songs, programs, pictures, drawings, articles,

Rewards Program

File Ploud "pays up to $ 7 per 1000 uploads depending on the geographical location from which the download was made.

FilePloud calculates downloads from all countries around the world at the highest profit rates ever.

Network Details : 

Commission Type : PPD upload files
Minimum Payment : $ 1 
Payment Frequency : Weekly
Payment Method : Paypal, Perfect Money, WebMoney, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Neteller, Skrill, Payza , Vodafone Cash, Egypt Post, WesternUnion, MoneyGram, MoneyExpress
, UAE Exchange, Etisalat UAE, Cash Plus Maroc, Algerie Poste CCP, Flexy Djezzy Mobilis Ooredoo, Visa Card, American Express Card, Amazon Gift Card .
Contact : facebook , Email : contact us 
Country : Saudi Arabia

RevenueHits review

RevenueHits review

RevenueHits review

Revenuehits is the Industry’s leading CPM Ad Network that lets you monetize your blog and earn money for displaying ads on your blog or site. Either you’re a Publisher or an Advertiser, it’s the best place for you to either start investing or making money from your blog.

Another great feature in this ad network is that it doesn’t matter you have a subdomain from Blogspot or WordPress, it’s suitable for all of them and easy to get an account.

Is it Free to Apply for Reveneuhits as a Publisher?

Creating an account as a publisher is free of cost and there is no hidden cost however if you’re an advertiser and want to advertise your own products on Revenuehits then you would need to have a budget to get started on it.

Can I Get Revenuehits Account For Subdomains Blogs?

This network lets you monetize your subdomains blogs free of cost but make sure your blog receives a good amount of traffic or a good conversion rate or otherwise you won’t be able to make much money with this ad network. If your blogs do receive a good amount of traffic and you have the following subdomains sites then you can get Publisher account for free., etc.

Are Revenuehits Ads Mobile & Desktop Friendly?

Revenuehits has a wide range of Ads types available but the question comes here is whether they are Mobile & Desktop friendly or not. The answer to this question is simply YES*. They are completely Mobile, Desktop & User-friendly. However, Popup ads can irritate your users.

What Payment Options Does Reveneuhits Accept?

Basically, there are three main Payment Options that are being accepted at the time.

How Much Money Can I Make With Revenuehits?

There’s no exact amount you can make with this ad network however this is fixed that you can earn a massive amount of money if you have more visitors to your blog from high-paying countries such as China, USA, Hong Kong, Pakistan etc.

There you’ll get a registration form. Fill in the form with your accurate Email Address, Blog URL where you’ll place Ads & choose an appropriate Category and lastly click the SignUp button and you’re done.

How To Create Ads For My Blog?

Once you’re all set, now its time to start creating ads for your blog. There are a variety of Ads types available but the following are the most highly paying ads types that can generate you more money. However, it depends on your niche.

  • Banner Ads
  • Footer Ads
  • Interstitial
  • Popunder
  • Shadow Box

Network Details : 

Commission Type : CPM ,
Minimum Payment : $ 20 
Payment Frequency : Net 30 
Payment Method : PayPalWire Transfer , Payoneer
Contact : Email : contact us 
Country : palestine

Monday, 5 November 2018

AdNow Network

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AdNow Network Description

More than 150 000 webmasters already earn money with us Every advertisement passes pre moderation and is completely safe JS tag does not conflict with other ad networks Personal manager with variety of language support Weekly payments through PayPal from $20 Quality ads for quality audience!

adnow ad network for 2018 is the global advertising network specialized in the field of local advertising. Arab countries are offering a great opportunity for webmasters to get high income compared to other ad networks especially the cost per click. The process of preparing ad code is fast and easy to apply. Only 2 minutes

Network Details :

Commission Type : CPC , CPM ,NATIVE ADS 
Minimum Payment : $ 20
Payment Frequency : weekly
Payment Method : Paypal , wire transfers ,Webmoney, E-Payments
Contact : Telephone : +44 20 380 714 60  , Email : contact us
Country : Uk